From this spot you can have a very cool sunset or sunrise, but most of all, you can already start thinking how it will be like to go to Tre Cime di Lavaredo. From this perspective you can catch Tre cime from the side as the sun touches it for the last time this day! Fantastic!
Then, just before leaving, I zoomed in to take a closer look to this beauty!
Waking up early, picking up your gear, puting yourself on the road, arriving at a dreaming place. Then, watch the sun appear slowly, touching the mountain. The reflection in the water. And, you click, you feel, you enjoy. This is why I love landscape photography!
In Lago di Braies !! I just did not want to get out there, so, sorry for another one!! According to legend, the valley of Lago di Braies was inhabited by a population of wild men who guarded a treasure of gold and precious stones in the surrounding mountains. Given the abundance of gold, invasions and raids began. To defend this precious source of life, the savages decided to hide the gold in the water fountains, the same fountains that fed the lake, thus giving it the bright emerald color that we can still see today. Is it a legend or is it real?!
It was still good weather, the sun helped. However the walk was long in search of the perfect light. We took the opportunity to stop here and there, and of course, take some photos. It was then that in the shadow of some rocks I decided to catch the light! Soon after, the fog arrived
Just two days before a big storm I went to this beautiful place to capture its Autumn beauty at sunrise. On arriving I knew that maybe this beautiful landscape will be covered in snow soon. It happened and fortunately I saw it in both ways! A magical place for sure
It was very nice to photograph this church! When I arrived the weather was clean, but it took less than five minutes to the fog take all over the place! Fantastic
This place is more than well known for most of us. At least here! But I can say that even like that it was fantastic to see this little church standing there alone with those big mountains behind!
The lights in the trees weren't there, but I can tell you, the light was! It was just like a dream!
The sun was rising, the calm after storm kept its mood!
Some places you can go there everyday and just stand looking at it like it was something new. And each day even more beautiful to your eyes. St. Johan in Ranui is one of these places
Last November a big Storm fall upon all Dolomite area. Val Gardena was closed for traffic but we got away with this beautiful sunset!

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