Hot Lava came out of the mountains that once rising from deep ocean to grow in the middle of the Atlantic Cold water does its job cooling down the burning liquid, transforming it into beautiful coast rock formations This is Flores, this is Azores
Another day rising in this beautiful island. We arrived just when the sun started to sneak out of the volcanic mountains!
It's in Europe. Actually, it's in North America. It's in Portugal. A Deep Portugal, where I felt again child, where I was, without thinking where I would be later. It is the Ilha das Flores, where the sun rises, coming from the continent, where we are so far and isolated and feel so close and comforted. The Ilha das Flores, like that of Corvo, represents western Europe, but is already on the American tectonic plate, unlike the rest of the archipelago. How lucky we have the Flores and the Corvo!
As a sports youngster, my life was about seeing a lots of sports buildings. Today my mind is about our planet, and about contemplate all it has to give to us. Standing here in this place, quickly my mind went back into those magnificent constructions where some sports take place. But I was in a place much, much more interesting this day. I was in the western part of Faial Island watching a young volcano reconstructing an already beautiful landscape. I was watching the greatness of nature as I was looking a Capelinhos volcano. Azores Islands, don´t miss it!

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