The after i walked a bit more the sun just turned to a star!
Walking, hiking, sweating. A long way. The day has not yet come. But then you arrive, the sun arrive as well, and everything is worthing!
The path goes on, and it's starting to go down. Where does it go? Should I go?
As we all know, we always have a choice! Even if you are at 2000 meters high! Pico do Arieiro is one of the most beautiful places in Madeira Island, and sometimes when the fog lets you, you can experiment one of the most spectacular sunsets you can imagine!!
Going away from this spot i looked back one more time to watch the distant Desertas Islands, but the i saw... a Claw looking for the lonely rock!!
Just near the airport, you have a very nice spot to go to a sunrise. And more, you get to see Desertas!
Blue hour in a very waivy sea. Scattered rocks taking the waves in. My feet completely soaked. Photograph made in a very surreal mood!!
This morning was such a beautiful one to see the sun rise that i just got more than one angle!!
The storm was coming fast. I went to this sunrise knowing it. But i needed to go, and it worth it!!

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