Here, you are at "Playa del Silencio". Here you don't make any noise, you just stand there watching, and feeling!!
I was walking to the Ribadesella corner to get some long exposure seascape. But then i looked left... And the sky just went on fire and i stopped, and clicked!
This Sunset was as great as unplanned. When i arrived at Ribadesella, i was looking to the mountains around and to the river. But as i walked i found this little spot and i went for it!!
Asturias, maybe the place where you can start the sunset in a Mountain and finish it at the Sea!
As i was above this beautiful rocks, suddenly the sky...
In Asturias you have so many beautiful beaches to go for sunset! Playa de Vega is one of them. Here i captured what it seams like a Crocodile Monster going under water!
With so many wind, it was a really difficult sunset. A storm was coming, yet, i went downthere to get another perspective!

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