Photography has always been my passion, but a passion that has always been placed aside. I Don't know why, I can't explain it.
Then, 2016 Christmas arrives. With it, a gift that I decided to offer to my wife, a camera! And then it happens, the camera is near, I pick it up and it starts.
My admiration for nature, for contemplating what surrounds us all, quickly puts me in the landscape photography way. I like other kinds of photography, as city and architecture or animals, but it is the landscape that I love the most, and for that way I went.
Self-taught by nature and conviction, I quickly started to consume all kind of articles and books related to this kind of photography. Reading and applying everything that I absorbed. Even today when my friends ask me “which course did you take”, I smile and answers “mine”!
Suddenly there are no weekends without photography, all trips gained a new purpose, photography. Two years after, I still need to learn, to apply, and to love even more to go out there for the more than the already known at home: “sunrises” and “sunsets”.
I say I’m an amateur because I am but because today I love this once passion!

Living in Lisbon, Portugal

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